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Overview – an overview of this website - its motivation, purpose and, goals.

BAE Systems - details about how our lives were all but taken away by unconscionable perpetrators Jim Drehs, Tom Cravens, and Liz Raia.

BAE Report Docs - overview of all documents related to The BAE Systems Report, links to each one, and to the report itself.

Eric Gundlach - overview of the abuse suffered upon us by my son, who was mentored by Bill Black of America One Finance, Vancouver, WA.

Eric Gundlach Report - overview of all documents related to The Eric Gundlach Report, links to each one, and to the report itself.

About My Wife – a very caring and loving woman whose future has been permanently compromised by the perpetrators described herein.

About Me – an overview of my beliefs, aspirations, accomplishments, and failures, as well as important related links.

President Ford - Charly saving the President Ford's life from Sarah Jane Moore's assassination attempt.

Music - my family's history in music.

(Student Loans) The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - how my attendance there further destroyed my financial situation - if you can't find work and need help with your Federal Student Loan, you will not get any, especially if you are a senior, as even if you are unable to work, they will take it from your retirement and thus make it impossible to exist.

IRS and JK Harris - How the IRS can ruin lives, and how companies like JK Harris prey on people having problems with IRS, steal their money, and get away with it!

WorldMark by Wyndham and BuyaTimeshare.com - WorldMark by Wyndham, the good and the bad, and the BuyaTimeshare.com organization scam. Beware of both!

Our Cats - how they saved my life and Alex continues to do so!

Contact – a form for you to contact us.

Sociopaths – information regarding sociopaths – knowledge that could save your career or your life.

Correspondence with my Congressional Representativerequesting help, gettiong none! Listed under (IRS Links).

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